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Boca Lakes Condominium Association, Inc. is a statutory condominium association incorporated in the State of Florida on March 1, 1973. The Association is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the common property of Boca Lakes Condominium Association, Inc. The Association consists of 448 residential units occupying a site of approximately 65 acres located in Palm Beach County, Florida.


You must maintain insurance on your unit. When you renew, have your agent fax us proof at 561-372-9819.


MONDAY for trash & yard waste.

THURSDAY for trash and recyclables.

Do not put out receptacles before 5PM on Sundays and Wednesdays.


Parking on the street is prohibited. If you have guests, please tell them to park in any space that is unoccupied. If you are having many guests, they can park at the clubhouse. Parking on the street may lead to cars being towed at the owner's expense.


Routine pest treatment is not available during the termite treatment period. Please complete a work order if you have any pest problems,inside or out.  All work orders will be completed on Mondays. Work orders must be submitted by Friday.


Water is paid through your maintenance charges. Wasting water hurts all of us. Please make sure that all leaky faucets and/or running toilets are fixed in a timely manner. After watering your plants make sure the hose is turned off. A broken hose is very costly, if the water floods your unit or your neighbors.


If you have trouble with your signal, call 1-800-COMCAST ( 266-2278 ). They will help you or send a technician. Remember, you may be charged for service calls.




It is not the Association's responsibility to unplug your drains. You may need to call a plumber.

It may not be your roof leaking...99% of the time it is the air handler above the dining room table that is overflowing because the condensation line has not been maintained. It is in your best interest to have a maintenance contract where the company provides yearly or bi-annual maintenance as part of their service.


Do not feed the ducks or cats!! Do not put out plastic garbage bags!! Use garbage cans or heavy-duty garbage bags. Raccoons and cats can easily rip into market bags or other light-duty bags. You won't love cleaning up the mess they make on your lawn.


If your awning or patio needs to be power washed, please fill out a work order to have this done. There is a $20 charge for each awning to be cleaned. Patios can be washed for $25. This will be done after hours or on weekends. Please submit your check with your work orders.


The Guardhouse must be notified at 482-3030 if you have visitors that are not on your permanent list.  Lack of notification will hold up the process as they will have to call you. If you are not home or the line is busy, the guest may be turned away.


Checks are due the 1st of the month. Please put them into the mail slot at the office. You do not need to hand them to the office worker.Unit #'s are required.


We have placed a suggestion box in the clubhouse because we want to hear what is important to you. It is to be used for suggestions and/or comments only. No work orders, please.

You must sign and date your suggestion and/or comment for it to be considered.