We would like you to consider this as your online Bulletin Board. If you have any Boca Lakes news you would like to share with your community neighbors, please send it to info@bocalakes.com. That can include items for sale, request for information or anything else you can think of.

For example, I'd like to hear your experience with the contract service companies - ECM, Service America, Pride, etc. 


New 2014 Legislation from Florida effective July 1, 2014:
Official Records and Unit Owner Directories:
Section 718.111(12) F.S., has been revised regarding certain Official Records. Subsection (c)5. was modified to clarify that all telephone numbers may be included in a Directory, although an owner may choose to not have their numbers listed (i.e., opt-out). It also added a provision that allows an owner to consent to the disclosure of additional contact information by the association (i.e., opt-in). A new sub-section (f) has been added which requires outgoing board or committee members to relinquish all official records and property of the association in the outgoing director or committee person’s possession or control, to the incoming board within five (5) days after the election. The Division of Condominiums is authorized to impose a civil penalty against an individual who fails to timely deliver the records and/or property.



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