Office email:

 Office telephone: 561-482-7880

 Office fax: 561-372-9819

Boca Lakes is a great place to call home. Great facilities right across the road - Somerset Shoppes on one side, Boca Lyons Plaza on the other. Restaurants, banks, everything within walking distance. 2 blocks west of Florida's Turnpike.

Board of Directors 2016

President                          Paul Rifkin

Vice President                   Frank Navarro

Secretary                            Barbara Bondi

Treasury                            Bill Rosengard


Assistant Treasurer           Anna Savinelli

Assistant  Secretary           Geraldine Bello


Public Relations                   Barbara Bondi

Insurance/Law                    Norman Jaeger

Sales/Rentals                      Paul Rifkin

Security/Recreation             Donald Riger

Standards                            Paul Staub

Clubhouse                            Mary Ann Biancardi

Grounds/Hurricanes             Joe Zegarelli

Building/Maintenance            Frank Navarro


Office               561-482-7880

Fax                  561-372-9819

Guardhouse    561-482-3030

Clubhouse       561-470-9095


UPCOMING EVENTS  2016 - 2017

NOVEMBER 20, 2016     Pre Thanksgiving Party

JANUARY 15, 2017     Italian Night Party

FEBRUARY 12, 2017     Mardi Gras

FEBRUARY 26, 2017     Two Acts Show

MARCH 19, 2017     Spring Fling Party

APRIL 16, 2017     Elvis Night Party